Welcome Message from the Vice-Chancellor

Honorable Vice-Chancellor

Honorable Vice-Chancellor

Welcome to the website of Pabna University of Science and Technology (PUST), one of the most promising universities in Bangladesh committed to teaching, research, and academic excellence! 

Founded in 2008, PUST started its journey with around 140 students enrolled in 4 departments including departments of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE), Mathematics (Math), and Business Administration (BA). This thriving university is spread over 30 acres of land beside the Dhaka-Pabna highway and is located about 3 kilometers east of Pabna town. Within this short span of time, PUST has been able to achieve substantial progress, while it currently accommodates 5 faculties, 21 departments, 172 teaching staff, and nearly 5000 students. We are already in a process of elevating this university to reach a global standard in terms of academics, research, and areal expansion.

Since its establishment, PUST has always had the mission of promoting research in the field of science and technology. Our academics and students have secured commendable recognition through high-quality research publications in national and international journals. Recent webinars have attracted distinct scholars from around the world including noble laureates. We are determined to continue our progress in teaching quality, research output, and service to the community. In addition, PUST is unique in its campus design, educational curriculum, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities. Students of PUST regularly participate in debate, sports, computer programming, engineering and architectural designs, competition for business ideas, and alike, and have won many awards at the national and international levels.

At the time when Bangladesh envisions to be a developed nation by 2041 and has made a commitment to obtain the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030, and in an age when we experience the emergence of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), I can affirm that all stakeholders of the PUST is highly committed to meeting all future challenges and is ready to effectively contribute to nation’s all endeavors in achieving the international and national commitments.

As the Vice-Chancellor of PUST, my enthusiasm is always to prepare the university to face all future challenges with wisdom, acquired experience, available resources, dedicated administrators, experienced faculty members, talented students, and employees. 

I look forward to the continued progress of the PUST towards academic excellence and intellectual freedom. Our vision is to build PUST as one of the national leaders in creating a center of excellence in research, learning, and teaching. I strongly believe that all our efforts and dedication must make our journey towards acquiring knowledge, enlightenment, and liberation successful.

 Joy Bangla. Joy Bangabandhu.

Long Live the Pabna University of Science and Technology! Long Live Bangladesh!


(Professor Dr. Hafiza Khatun)
 Vice Chancellor

Our Mission

The general mission of Pabna University of Science and Technology is to establish the good academic public University in Bangladesh and also promote higher education at national as well as international level. However, some specific missions are:

  • Ensure need oriented and modern technology based education
  • Generate skilled and quality manpower in order to achieve knowledge and technology based society
  • Ensure quality and high standard educational environment
  • Undertake fundamental and applied research in relevant fields of human knowledge
  • Arrange seminars, conferences, workshops and training for teachers and staffs.

Our Vision

The vision of Pabna University of Science and Technology is to create skilled manpower through quality education and research to full-fill the future needs of the country for establishment of peaceful and prosperous Bangladesh. Some of the specific visions for next ten years are as follows:

  • Develop adequate infrastructure facilities to enable smooth running of academic activities
  • Accumulate as much as 7140 students by the year 2019
  • Increase the number of faculty to 5 and subjects to 24 by the year 2019
  • Establish research laboratory and library facilities of international standard
  • Produce competent teachers and researchers in respective subjects
  • Publish standard books, journals and periodicals.
Founded : 2008
University Day : 5th June
Chancellor : Mr. Md. Abdul Hamid Advocate
 Honorable President, The People's Republic of Bangladesh
Vice-Chancellor : Prof. Dr. Hafiza Khatun
Pro Vice-Chancellor : Prof. Dr. S. M. Mostafa Kamal Khan
Treasurer : Prof. Dr. K. M. Salah Uddin
Faculty : 5 Faculties
Departments : 21 Departments
Institutes : 0 Institutes
Teachers : 184 Teachers
Officers : 108 Officers
Students : 5000 (Aprox.)
Phone : +88 02588842742
Fax : +88 02588845173


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Program schedule of 15th August

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Extension of the deadlines for research proposal submission: 2022-2023

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Office order regarding admission test: 2021-2022

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Extension of the deadlines for submission in the Journal of Business Studies, PUST

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Invitation of research proposal for the year 2022-2023

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