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Dr. Md. Masudur Rahman

PhD (CAS, China), M. Sc. Engg. (PUST), B.Sc. Engg. (KUET)

Associate Professor (On Study Leave)

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Pabna University of Science and Technology

Pabna, Bangladesh

Contact Information

 +8801716495004  (Personal) (Office) (Personal)

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Total Publications: 16

Total Publications (16)


Awards & Recognition (2)

  • President’s International Fellowship Initiative (PIFI) Award 2020, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China.
  • CAS-TWAS President’s Fellowship Award (2016 to 2020) for PhD study at Chinese Academy of Sciences, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China.

Journal Articles (13)

  • Rahman MM, Zhang W, Arshad A. Regional Distribution of Net Radiation over Different Eco hydrological Land Surfaces. Atmosphere. 2020; 11(11):1229.
  • Ullah AS, Rashid H, Khan SN, Akbar MU, Arshad A, Rahman MM, Mustafa S. A Localized Assessment of Groundwater Quality Status Using GIS-Based Water Quality Index in Industrial Zone of Faisalabad, Pakistan. Water. 2022; 14(20):3342. (Q2, IF: 3.530)
  • M.M. Rahman, W. Shuo, W.Zhao, X. Xu, W.Zhang, A. Arshad,Investigating the Relationship between Air Pollutants and Meteorological Parameters Using Satellite Data over Bangladesh. Remote Sens. 14, 2757, 2022, Q1
  • F. Saleem, A. Arshad, A. Mirchi, T. Khaliq, X. Zeng, M.M. Rahman, A. Dilawar, Q.B. Pham, K. Mahmood, “Observed Changes in Crop Yield Associated with Droughts Propagation via Natural and Human-Disturbed Agro-Ecological Zones of Pakistan”, Remote Sensing, Vol. 14, 2152, 2022. Q1
  • Md Masudur Rahman, Dr. Md. Mozaffor Hossain, Khaled Mahbub Morshed, Md. Motaher Hossain & Md. Rabiul Islam, 2012. Design of Free Space Inverted U-Shaped Antenna for ISM Band, GSM-900 and S-DMB Application. International Journal of Advancements in Research & Technology, vol. 1, issue 4, pp. 58-61
  • Md. Amirul Islam, Sohag Kumar Saha, Md Masudur Rahman, 2013. Dual U- Shape Microstrip Patch Antenna Design for WiMAX Applications. International Journal of Science Engineering and Technology Research, vol. 2, issue 2, pp. 231- 234.
  • Dilip Kumar Sarker, Diponkar Kundu, Pallab Kanti Podder, Md. Masudur Rahman & Kallol Krishna Karmarkar, Effect of Structure Parameters on the Signal Strength in a Solid Beam Driven Plasma-Loaded Backward Wave Oscillator, Global Journal of researches in engineering Electrical and electronics engineering, Volume 12 Issue 3 Version 1.0 March 2012
  • Sohag Kumar Saha, Md. Amirul Islam and Md. Masudur Rahman "Design & Simulation of 8-Shape Slotted Microstrip Patch Antenna", World Applied Sciences Journal 31 (6): 1065-1071, 2014, DOI: 10.5829/idosi.wasj.2014.31.06.1462
  • Rahman, M. M., & Zhang, W. C., 2019. Review on estimation methods of the Earth ’ s surface energy balance components from ground and satellite measurements. J. Earth Syst. Sci. Vol. 128, no. 84, pp. 1–22. Q2
  • Rahman, M. M., Zhang, W. C., & Wang, K., 2019. Assessment on surface energy imbalance and energy partitioning using ground and satellite data over a semi-arid agricultural region in north China. Agric. Water Manag. Vol. 213, pp. 245–259. Q1
  • Rahman, M. M., & Zhang, W. C. , 2019. Validation of Satellite Derived Sensible Heat Flux for TERRA/MODIS Images over Three Different Landscapes Using Large Aperture Scintillometer and Eddy Covariance Measurements. IEEE J. Sel. Top. Appl. Earth Obs. Remote Sens.Vol. 12, no. 9, pp. 3327 – 3337. Q1
  • Diponkar Kundu, Dilip Kumar Sarker, Md. Galib Hasan, Pallab Kanti Podder, and Md. Masudur Rahman, Performance Analysis of an InGaAs Based p-i-n Photodetector, International Journal of Soft Computing and Engineering (IJSCE) ISSN: 2231-2307, Volume-2, Issue-1, March 2012.
  • Sohag Kumar Saha, Amirul Islam Rony, Ummay Habiba Suma, and Md. Masudur Rahman, E-shape microstrip patch antenna design for wireless applications, International Journal of Science, Engineering and Technology Research (IJSETR) Volume 2, Issue 3, March 2013

Conference Proceedings (3)

  • Rahman, M. M., Zhang W.C., Regional Distribution of Net Radiation Flux of Surface Energy Balance over a Versatile Ecohydrological Surface in Northwest China. International Conference on Energy, Ecology and Environment, ICEEE 2019, Jul 23-26, 2019, Stavanger, Norway
  • Rahman, M. M., Hossain, M. M., & Karmakar, K. K., 2013. Π-shape Microstrip Antenna Design for WiMAX, Wi-Fi and Biomedical Application at 2.45 GHz. 2013 IEEE 3rd International Advance Computing Conference (IACC), Ghaziabad, India, 22-23 February 2013, pp-546 – 549,
  • Rahman, M. M., Noor-E-Jannat; Islam, M. O. & Serazus, M. S., 2015. Arduino and GSM Based Smart Energy Meter for Advanced Metering and Billing System. 2015 IEEE International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Information Communication Technology (ICEEICT), Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 21-23 May 2015, pp. 1-6.

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