Pabna University of Science and Technology

Faculty Profile

Dr. Md. Jahidul Islam

BSS (Hons.) (RU), MSS (RU)

Associate Professor

Department of Social Work

Pabna University of Science and Technology

Pabna, Bangladesh

Contact Information

 +8801710441624 (Personal) (Office) (Personal)

Total Publications: 8

Total Publications (8)


Teaching Experience (2)

  • Lecturer, From 26 August 2015 to 25 August 2018
  • Assistant Professor, 26 August, 2018 to Present

Administrative or Other Experience (3)

  • Chairman, 31 July 2022 to 15 August 2022
  • Assistant Provost, From 20 December 2017 to 31 March 2018
  • Chairman, From 31 July 2019 to 30 July 2022

Research Interests (1)

  • Disaster Risk Mitigation, Social capital and disaster resilience, Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction, Climate change adaptation, Rural Development and Poverty Reduction.

Active Research Project (2)

  • Indigenous Flood Coping Strategies towards Livelihoods in Northwest Bangladesh
  • Assessment of flood vulnerability and its mitigation: A study on Chilmari Upazila, Kurigram, Bangladesh.

Previous Research Project (3)

  • Present situation, problems and prosperity of powerloom industry: A study on Dogachi, Pabna, Bangladesh, Funded by UGC
  • Putting indigenous knowledge into practice for flood risk mitigation in Bangladesh, Funded by UGC
  • Present Mental Health Treatment Condition in Bangladesh: A Study on Pabna Mental Hospital, Funded by UGC.

Journal Articles (8)

  • Islam, M. J., & Hasan, M. K. (2023). Understanding Flood Vulnerability Using Index-based Approach: A Study of Chilmari Upazila, Kurigram, Bangladesh. Environment and Urbanization ASIA, 14(2), 218-232.
  • Rushmi, N. R., Rana, Md. S., Rasel, Md., Islam, Md. J., & Prothan, Md. J. I. J. (2023). Drought: Profile Assessment, Impact Analysis and Coping Strategies to Combat Drought in Naogaon District of Bangladesh. Environment and Urbanization ASIA, 14(2), 233-251.
  • Podder, M., Hasan, M.K., Islam, M.J., 2022.Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Existing buildings by Rapid Visual Screening Method: A Study on Ward 27 in Dhaka South City Corporation. International Journal of Disaster Risk Management, Vol. 04, Issue. 2, doi:
  • Begum, F., Islam, M.J., Biswas, S.K., Kobra, K., & Sultana, N.. (2022). Analysis of Lightning Hazard Scenario: A Study on Pabna District, Bangladesh. Research and Reviews: Journal of Environmental Sciences, 4(2), 1–14.
  • Begum, M. F., Kabir, M. A., & Islam, M. J. . (2022). Reproductive Health Knowledge with Academic Context: A Study on Teenaged High School Girls of Pabna municipality. American Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Innovation, 1(3), 52–56.
  • Kabir, MA. & Islam, MJ. (2022). Trends of Breastfeeding Practice and Determinant Factors of Exclusive Breastfeeding in Bangladesh: Evidence from the Six Nationally Representative Cross-Sectional Surveys. American Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Innovation, 1(2), 1–7.
  • Rana, M. S., Azad, M. A. S. A., Islam, M. J. 2018. Vulnerability Assessment of Cyclonic Hazards in Coastal Region of Bangladesh. Urban and Regional Planning, Vol. 3(2), pp. 34-43. DOI: 10.11648/j.urp.20180302.11
  • Bapari, M. Y., Haque, M. E., Chowdhury, D. K., & Islam, M. J. (2016). Impacts of Unplanned Urbanization on the Socio-Economic Conditions and Environment of Pubna Municipality, Bangladesh. Journal of Environment and Earth Science, 6(9), 105-114.

Conducted Courses (15)

  • Social Work Practice with Migrants
  • Qualitative Social Research
  • Environmental Management and Sustainability
  • Population and Development
  • FieldWork: Education and Techniques
  • Social Welfare Administration and Management
  • Project Planning and Management
  • Statistics for Social Work Practice
  • Social Work Research: Methods and Techniques
  • Introduction to Social Research
  • Disaster Management and Rehabilitation
  • Social Policy and Planning
  • Social Action, Social Legislation and Social Reform
  • Social Work Practice with Individuals
  • Culture and Social Work Practice

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