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Md. Fatin Ishraque

M.Sc. Engg. (Ongoing) and B.Sc. Engg. in EEE,RUET


Department of Electrical, Electronic and Communication Engineering

Pabna University of Science and Technology

Pabna, Bangladesh

Contact Information

+8801712501856 (Personal) (Office) (Personal)

Total Publications: 7

Total Publications (7)


Journal Articles (3)

  • M. F. Ishraque et al., "Techno-Economic and Power System Optimization of a Renewable Rich Islanded Microgrid considering different Dispatch Strategies," in IEEE Access, doi: 10.1109/ACCESS.2021.3082538.
  • M. Fatin Ishraque, S. A. Shezan, M. M. Ali, and M. M. Rashid, "Optimization of load dispatch strategies for an islanded microgrid connected with renewable energy sources," Applied Energy, vol. 292, p. 116879, 2021/06/15/ 2021.
  • M. F. Ishraque, S. A. Shezan, J. N. Nur, and M. S. Islam, "Optimal Sizing and Assessment of an Islanded Photovoltaic‐Battery‐Diesel Generator Microgrid Applicable to a Remote School of Bangladesh," Engineering Reports, p. e12281.

Conference Proceedings (4)

  • Ishraque, M. F.; Ali, M. M. In Optimized Design of a Hybrid Microgrid using Renewable Resources Considering Different Dispatch Strategies, 2021 International Conference on Automation, Control and Mechatronics for Industry 4.0 (ACMI), 8-9 July 2021, 2021; 2021; pp 1-6.
  • S. R. Fahim, Y. Sarker, O. K. Islam, S. K. Sarker, M. F. Ishraque, and S. K. Das, "An Intelligent Approach of Fault Classification and Localization of a Power Transmission Line," in 2019 IEEE International Conference on Power, Electrical, and Electronics and Industrial Applications (PEEIACON), 2019, pp. 53-56.
  • S. A. Shezan and M. F. Ishraque, "Assessment of a Micro-grid Hybrid Wind-Diesel-Battery Alternative Energy System Applicable for Offshore Islands," in 2019 5th International Conference on Advances in Electrical Engineering (ICAEE), 2019, pp. 457-462.
  • M. F. Ishraque, M. M. Rashid, and S. A. Shezan, "IoT Based Pilot Wireless Differential Relay," in 2019 5th International Conference on Advances in Electrical Engineering (ICAEE), 2019, pp. 286-289.

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